Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photo exhibition on China's Quake, Tibet kicks off in Hungary

A photo exhibition featuring the quake-hit China's Sichuan Province as well as Tibet's history and reality opened here Friday in the Asia Center.

Some 220 photos are on display to introduce the disaster area and China's rescue and relief efforts, as well as religious culture and natural scenery in Tibet and life of Tibetan people.

Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Zhang Chunxiang said at the opening ceremony that the Hungarian government and its people have provided assistance to those affected by earthquake while overseas Chinese in Hungary also offered huge support for the quake-stricken region.

Li Guanghua, deputy secretary of the overseas Chinese association in Europe, said the visitors would know more about the situation in Sichuan province and the history of Tibet as well as achievement and progress in Tibet since China adopted reforms and opening-up policies.

Source: Xinhua


veracity said...

The CCP has absolutely no shame in disseminating such absurd, sickening lies.
The truth is that the Han Chinese occupation of the Tibet has brought nothing but oppression, exploitation, torture, denigration and mass murder for the Tibetan people.

The Han Chinese can publish paper after paper full of such sickening lies, but the fact that they don’t allow anyone to go to Tibet and verify even a single claim speaks volumes.

If there were one iota of truth in their Propaganda Lies then they would invite the world to come and see for themselves the ‘wonderful work’ they’ve been doing!
Instead you find that Tibet is locked down, inaccessible to anyone wanting to do research on the ground, or even just travel around freely and meet some Tibetan people.

And if you’re caught asking some pertinent questions in Tibet you’re immediately expelled, for the Han Chinese occupiers are so afraid to be unmasked for what they really are, the world’s worst racist, oppressive and criminal regime to ever disgrace this planet.

The Tibetan people have been so terrorized and brutalized by the Han Chinese, that they’re even too afraid to meet or speak with foreigners, as there are Han Chinese spies and undercover agents everywhere, following tourists every step, and record whom they meet and speak to.

The Han Chinese even check internet caf├ęs and record what has been accessed, transmitted and written every day to try and snare any Tibetan who may have disclosed the tiniest shred of the horrendous truth the Han Chinese are so desperate to suppress and prevent from emerging.

This is not an Orwellian society, for Orwell could not have envisaged such depravity and callousness being perpetrated by one race against another!

veracity said...
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