Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cuban chess GM Dominguez to compete in China, Germany

Cuban chess Great Master Leinier Dominguez is getting ready for the World Games of the Mind from Oct. 3 to 18 in China and at the Olympics of Dresden, Germany from Nov. 12 to 25.

In China, Dominguez, who is 25 of the world and has a Elo of 2,708 points, will face Bulgarian Veselin Topalov, Chinese Bu Xiangzhi, Ni Hua and Wang Yue; and Russian former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

At internet matches, Dominguez has defeated current number two of the Chess International Federation , Russian Alexander Morozevich, who has an Elo of 2,788.

"I have always chosen well the tournaments; I think it is right to play against the strongest, don't sacrifice the quality," Dominguez said as quoted on Friday by official daily "Granma".

Dominguez said that with chess, physical and mental exercises it is possible to reach tournaments of this range with the possibility of finishing among the first ones.

"Now I try to be at the best of the Wijk aan Zee or Linares tournaments and to train to make it fine when the moment arrives. I have been in Biel, Aerosvit and Memorial Karprov, which are also strong," Dominguez said.

About his Elo he said that he is satisfied with being the first Cuba on braking the barrier of the 2,700 and currently he is the only Latin American chess player who surpasses that level.

Dominguez said that "at the end of the day what makes the differences is to win or to have a good performance in a big tournament. At least, I want to try. I don't worry about the Elo."

Source: Xinhua

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